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Save & Explore


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This is a proposal I worked on to offer a new product at eDreams Odigeo, the biggest online travel agency in Europe.

The goal is to create a new product for customers to save on their flight tickets but also to explore the new city where the layover will happen. This product also generates a different perception about this type of flight as is not only about price (cheap) but also about discovering new places (explorer). So customers can discover 2 cities on the same flight.

"With Save & Explore, you can discover another city on your layover and save!"


You could explore a new city on your way to your destination!

For this proposal, I assessed the feasibility of the project, did a benchmark of similar products then worked on both the concept and the presentation.

Save & Explore offered multiple benefits for the business, as it's a product that makes the company stand out from the competition because although there are some alternatives, they are mainly related to a single airport, for example, TAP Air Portugal offers it on their airport at Lisbon.

Initial Ideas

I started sketching some ideas on how to make easy for the customer to understand how Save & Explore works and that they could explore a city on their way to their destination.


User Flow

With the user flow was easy to see any friction points that may make the user not to finish.


The concept

On the concept, I made different screens of the flow. On it, I also added some of the upgrade options I thought could be interesting for the customer. For the UI style, I went with neumorphism, as it is a new trend that I wanted to explore and felt that could fit perfectly Save & Explore.


Related products

Besides the flights, other related products could be offered to the customers, which would enrich the experience and also bring more benefits as attached upgrades.

In the concept, we can see how attractions and hotel nights are offered after the customer chooses the layover and how long.
This comes as different packages, with name tiers like Explorer, Comfy Explorer, King Explorer...

This can be offered as an upsell, in the funnel, and in after purchase communication.


Some of the related products would be:

Attractions tickets
Including what activities to do during the duration of the layover, simplifies the customer's planning and is an affordable upsell. The offer can vary depending on the layover duration.

When staying more than one day in the layover, it makes sense having a place to stay, offering multiple hotel options can provide a high-level revenue.

Airport transfers
By including this at the layover, customers save time and it could be part of an activities package in the laypver city. It can also be offered at the departure and arrival cities.

Visa Services
As some of the layovers may need a visa to leave the airport, it makes sense to offer it. If needed it can also be offered at the destination.

Luggage locker & delivery
As users may want to leave the luggage at the airport during their layover exploration, this would make their life easier while exploring. In the case that the departure from the layover it's a different airport, luggage could be delivered to the other airport.

Airport lounges
A good place where to have a refreshment, take a shower and rest before flying to the destination.

Dark Mode

Besides the light mode the app also has a dark mode.



My proposal raised a lot of interest and could be something that the company would be interested in offering in the future, as it was related to the company strategy of lowering flight ticket prices by offering routes with layovers, similar to what other companies are doing.

This new offer would also attract new users, interested not only on saving but discovering a new city on their way to their destination, making the layover and attractiveness, not a nuisance.

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