Design leader with strong strategic, analytical, and entrepreneurial skills on a mission to build better product experiences


Currently, I am Head of Design at FCM Travel Solutions, where we are changing the face of corporate travel

Previous to that, I worked in Barcelona, Tokyo, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Dubai, across different industries, in agencies, big companies, SMEs, and Startups




Team Leadership

I've been leading teams for more than 4 years, I always make sure that my teams stay on track, achieve team and personal objectives while establishing constant communication with them.


Product Strategy & Design

For more than 12 years, I have been involved in the planning, release, qualitative research, data analysis and design of multiple products, always taking into account feasibility, customers' needs and business goals.

I always look into determining what problem we are trying to solve and validating the riskiest assumptions as early as possible.



I have founded multiple projects:

A startup; Near, which allowed event attendees to connect.
A design studio; TokyoOn, where I helped multiple clients.
An online store; Fight For All, which offers products that make a difference by giving 10% of sales to NGOs.

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